Rastafari Roots & Culture in Ethiopia


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Our mission is to present the Rastafari movement in Ethioipa a source of inspiration for travelers from all over the world, and as a tool for development for the whole country. We believe that the Rastafari community is a big asset to Ethiopia, and that this is up to the present insufficiently recognized by the government and by greater society. People don't know how conscious Rastafarians are, how much they love Ethiopia, how big their knowledge is about the country and its history, and the skills and knowledge they bring with them. Whether it's farming, building, healing, music, art, handicraft, and much more, Rastafarians have enriched Ethiopia so much already, and the untapped potential is huge. 

To underline this, we are producing a monthly Podcast in Shashamane to share the views and inspirations of the Rastafari community. The podcast is called 'Universal Consciousness - Rastafari Enlightenment from Ethiopia', and is produced in cooperation with Trinity Lionz Productions in Shashamane. 

Listen to the first Episode below!

Episode 1: October 2017


We will produce six episodes of the Universal Consciousness Podcast in Shashamane with different hosts and guests. Depending on your feedback we will decide to continue or not. Do you like it? Should we continue? Do you have feedback for us that can bring us forward? Give us a shout at podcast@rastafari.travel