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Welcome to Rastafari Travel!

We are a cooperation of several organisations and individuals who strive to present the Rastafari Movement as a source of inspiration to the world. It is our mission to create social and economical opportunities for local Rastafarians and their communities through tourism and related activities. Our main focus is Africa, and in particular Ethiopia. 


Community Based Approach

We work directly with local Rastafarians and their communities. We try to create real value mainly by creating social and economical opportunities; local Rastafarians act as guide, driver, or host, and lead travellers along different places that are meaningful within the Rastafari faith. Cultural activities and personal encounters are combined with visits to sites of natural beauty and/or cultural significance. We also support and initiate projects that contribute to the development of the whole community. This platform offers unique and meaningful travel experiences for our guests, and helps to strengthen local Rastafari communities.


Upcoming Tours

30 October - 10 November 2019:
Coronation Day  Tour
(Shashamane, Arba Minch, Dorze, Addis Ababa)
9 November - 18 November 2019:
King Shiloh Sound System Tour: Harar Edition
(Harar, Ejarsa Goro, Dire Dawa, Awash National Park, Addis Ababa)


July 15, 2017

Joyfull greetings from Addis Ababa, the city of the Great King of Kings.  I was asked to submit some words towards this platform and the first thing to come to I heavens was this poem. Written many years ago, it was recorded around 2015 by Dub Creator and occasionally...

May 3, 2017

Click here for more information about King Shiloh's Great Ethiopian Soundsystem festival 

December 1, 2016

In November 2016 we welcomed mr Arjen Bloemendaal (on the left in the picture) and his queen Alice de Kruijs in Ethiopia. Arjen is the founder of the leading Reggae website in The Netherlands: http://www.reggae-agenda.nl. Arjen is a passionate Reggae lover and he visit...

July 1, 2016

In February 2016 we hosted a visit of members of the legendary King Shiloh Soundsystem from Amsterdam. Together with a group of international travelers we traveled around the country and introduced them to our project and the local Rastafari community. King Shiloh also...

July 29, 2015

In December 2015 we organized our very first tour group. The tour was organized for a delegation of the Australian travel company World Weavers. This trip laid the base for further development of the travel packages and preparations of a music festival. 

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Rastafari.Travel is a platform of individuals, communities, and companies who strive to present Ethiopia as a source of inspiration to the whole world, and one of the most fascinating travel destinations of the moment.


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