Movement of Jah People
Ital Travel Policy

Rastafari is a spiritual movement, but spirituality only gets meaning in actions and behavior. Rastafarians are very conscious about their behavior. Language, clothing, food, respect to others; the Rastafari way of life permeates all aspects of daily life. Although opinions differ about what exactly is the right way to go, we do try to honor the most basic customs and norms of the general Rastafari movement. In our tours and programs we implement the following guidelines:

- When we visit places of worship or local people at their homes, one is expected to dress modestly. Women are expected to wear a skirt that covers their knees (no trousers), and to cover their head with a scarf. Men are also expected to dress appropriately (long trousers are advised rather than shorts), though no head covering is required. On all other occasions you are free to dress any way you want.

- We always offer Ital (vegan) food options.

- We respect all religions, we are all children of God. Cursing and defaming other religions is not appreciated

- We try to avoid travelling on Saturday (Sabbath) and will only do so with clear consent of all participants; our staff members are not obliged to work on Saturdays.

- Excessive use of alcohol and drugs is not appreciated.

- Please don't take pictures of individuals without their permission.