Movement of Jah People 

King Shiloh TourHarar Edition 


King Shiloh Soundsytem is one of the biggest Reggae Dub Sound System formations in the world. Based in Amsterdam, they have been building boxes for over 25 years. Their sessions often attract many hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. The members of King Shiloh are livicated Rastafarians who have always looked at Ethiopia as their spiritual destination. In 2018, their dream came true when they shipped a part of their Sound System to Ethiopia. Simultaneously, they started to build boxes in Ethiopia, which together led to the establishment of a brand new King Shiloh Sound System set, based in Ethiopia. 

We offer the opportunity for fans of King Shiloh to travel with them, visit the sessions, and explore the beauty of Ethiopia and dive into its rich culture and Rastafari heritage. You will travel with a group led by one or two people from our organization. The next program is planned for November 2019 where we will organize sessions in Addis Ababa and in Harar in the east of the country. You can trod along with King Shiloh, and we will make sure you will get submerged in local Ethiopian Culture and the Rastafari heritage of this fascinating country. 


We offer 3 packages:

4 days Addis Ababa: €209 per person*

10 days Addis Ababa + Harar: €949 per person*

20 days, in combination with Coronation day tour: €1689 per person* 


*Based on two people sharing, with reservation of availability and price changes. For prices in other currencies please contact us. 

Optional: participate in the Great Ethiopian Run on 17 November!