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Safari Tour Southern Tanzania



In 2019 we will start organising tours to Tanzania in East-Africa. Our mission is not only to promote Ethiopia, where we are based, but the whole African continent. We know Tanzania very well, brother Joshua (one of the founders of Rastafari.travel) has lived there and organises tours there for other companies since 2010. Also there we work with local communities, and specifically Rastafarians. What makes Tanzania stand out is its nature and wildlife, and the stunning beaches. It is one of the last places in Africa where you can find vast areas of untouched natural environments with an abundance of wildlife. Our tours to Tanzania are composed of a combination between exploring the natural environments, and interact with local people and communities. People from our organisation will travel with the group to make sure the program is carried out smoothly, and will facilitate the interaction with the local Rastafari community. 

Our first tour consists of two parts: a safari in the south of Tanzania, far away from mass tourism in the overcrowded National Parks of the north, and a trip to the tropical island of Zanzibar where we will visit the music festival Sauti za Busara, the largest annual music festival of East-Africa.

Tour leaders




Askale Selassie

Sister Askale Selassie is an iconic member of the international Rastafari community. She was born in Jamaica, but repatriated to Africa many years ago. She is the founder of the Empress Menen Foundation, and her mission is to teach people about the spirituality and livity of the Rastafari movement. Whole Africa is her home, and on this journey she will provide the group with background information and inspiration from the Rastafari perspective.


Emanuel Mwakaduku

Emanuel is born and raised in Tanzania, and his mission in life is to help his country develop, and especially for the poorest and most deprived people. Among other things he works as a volunteer with deaf people. He is also a professional tour leader, and will be assigned by Rastafari.travel to make sure all logistics are properly arranged and the program is carried out smoothly. You will be in good hands. Emanuel has a keen interest in Rastafari and adores His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie.  



11 days Safari tour: €1829 per person*

19 days Safari tour + Zanzibar: €2589  per person*


*Based on two people sharing, with reservation of availability and price changes. For prices in other currencies please contact us. Excludes international plane ticket


5 % discount for people who book before 1 September 2019