Movement of Jah People 

Weekend Tour Shashamane


Shashamane is a city in Ethiopia, located 250 kilometers south of the Capital Addis Ababa. Over the years many Rastafarians have settled in this place based on a land-grand that was given by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. Up to today it is the 'heartland' of the Ethiopian and International Rastafari movement. Shashamane is more than a town, it is a vision, a spiritual center where the path of the Rasta people leads to. Thousands have made the journey to Shashamane over the years, from the Caribbean, from the Americas, from Europe, even from Africa and Ethiopia itself. Some came to visit, others came to stay. Up to today Shashamane holds probably the most 'livicated' Rastafari community in the world. 

We organise visits to Shashamane and its surroundings from Addis Ababa. The tour is led by 'livicated' Rastafarians' and are meant to give you a profound introduction with Shashamane and the local Rasta community. Next to Shashamane you will visit Wondo Genet, a beautiful forrest reserve where you can enjoy stunning views and natural hot springs from the mountains. The tours depart on Friday morning from Addis Ababa, and return on Sunday evening.


Our next tours are scheduled for:

20 - 23 September 2019

31 October - 3 November 2019 (4 days - see Coronation Day Tour)

29 November - 1 December 2019

27 - 29 December  2019

24 - 26 January 2020

27 - 29 March 2020

26 - 28 June 2020


3 days: €219 / ETB 7000 per person*  

*Based on two people sharing, with reservation of availability and price changes. For prices in other currencies please contact us.