Movement of Jah People

Who Are We?

Rastafari.Travel is initiated by the Ethiopian/Dutch travel and project company The Ethiopia Experience together with members of the Rastafari community in Ethiopia.


The Ethiopia Experience works together with the Ethiopian NGO Dires for Development. Dires organizes social programs for people with a disability in Ethiopia. They have been active for more than 16 years and with their programs they reach more than 1000 people with a disability every week, mostly children. With the help from international professionals The Ethiopia Experience was founded in 2015 as a social enterprise under the banner of the NGO in order to generate income to sustain their social activities.  Website: http://ethiopia-experience.travel

The founders of The Ethiopia Experience grew up with Reggae music and feel a profound connection with the Rastafari movement. Right after the establishment of the company they connected with people from the Rastafari community in Ethiopia to explore possibilities of developing a tour/travel project together, henceforth leading to the birth of Rastafari.Travel.


The people involved are:

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Ras Ibi

Ras Ibi is a founding member of Rastafari.Travel and one of the main guides. Ras Ibi is originally from Sweden but has lived in Ethiopia for about 20 years. He moved there with his whole family following His Majesty's guidance. Ibi is a builder, a farmer, a healer, a musician, and for Rastafari.travel he acts as a tour guide. 

Miriam Kindwas a.k.a. 'Mama Africa'

Miriam is an Ethiopian woman with Jamaican roots. Her father came from Jamaica to repatriate to the homeland, and Miriam grew up in Shashamane with Rastafari Roots & Culture. But being Ethiopan by birth, she also grew up with local Ethiopian culture and she is fluent in Amharic. Miriam is also a tv personality. She is the host of the well known tv program "Mama Africa's Reggae show", a program that airs on national tv and that is co-produces by Rastafari.travel. 

Miriam is the new communications officer of Rastafari.travel. You can contact her for all inquiries and questions about our tour programs and related activities. She also acts occasionally as tour leader.  

Email: info@rastafari.travel 

Tel (WhatsApp): +251910990748


Ras Kenny Rueben

Kenny was born in Trinidad and repatriated to Ethiopia 14 years ago. Kenny is a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel organization and has lived in Shashamane and Addis Ababa for many years. Now he lives in Harar in the east of Ethiopia. Kenny works as a volunteer for different religious communities in Harar, he is building bridges between Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Muslims, etc. Kenny is one of the main guides of Rastafari.travel and guides visitors around all over Ethiopia. In Harar he takes our guests on a spiritual pilgrimage to Ejersa Goro, the actual birthplace of His Majesty! 


Ras Sam

Ras Sam is an Ethiopian born Rastaman who lives in Addis Ababa. Sam is one of the main guides of Rastafari.travel. As an Ethiopian he speaks fluently Amharic and has a profound understanding of the Rastafari faith from an native Ethiopian perspective. Sam will guide you around Addis Ababa and possibly other parts of the country. 

Ras Julian and Priest Shadow

Ras Julian was the personal assistant of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh for many years. This Jamaican born Rastaman repatriated to Ethiopia several years ago and lives in Shashamane. Ras Julian is an excellent chef who cooks Ital food with ingredients mostly from his own garden. He works together with Bobo Shadow, a priest from the Bobo Shanti Rastafari order. Shadow repatriated from the United States to Shashamane and has a passion for cooking as well. He and Julian will provide our visitors with the best Ital breakfast of Ethiopia and occasionally will guide them around in Shashamane. 

Ras Kawintseb

Ras Kawintseb is one of the leading Reggae musicians of Ethiopia. He resides in Shashamane with his family, having repatriated from Trinidad many years ago. On our tours we often visit him at his house where he gives private acoustic music sessions with his family, and shares his visions and philosophies about Rastafari. Ras Kawintseb just released a new album, it is called 'a Touch of Tsion', and you can find it online.

Sista Zela

Zela is an internationally renowned dancer and has toured around the world promoting her 'Reggae-Robics' program, a mixture of Reggae dance and  exercise for the entire body.  This unique program developed by herself is aimed to keep people fit with Reggae Music! Zela keeps our guests fit with her sport and dance activities, and as a Jamaican coming from a true Rastafari family she has interesting views and experiences to share. Next to dancing she is available to guide our visitors around. 

Teddy Dan (left on the picture)

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Jah Mike

Jah Mike is the new promotion and content manager of Rastafari.travel. His mission is to spread the word about the platform and the programs. He is based in Ethiopia most of the time, but can also be found in the UK where he is from originally. 

You can reach Jah Mike through: jahmike@rastafari.travel


Sydney Salmon & Imperial Majestic Band

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Sister Askale Selassie

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Brother Joshua

Joshua was born in The Netherlands and came to Ethiopia to work with Dires for Development NGO in 2013. He is the founder and owner of The Ethiopia Experience travel company, the company behind Rastafari.Travel. Joshua grew up with Reggae music and feels a profound connection with the spirituality of the Rastafari movement. Joshua carries the final responsibility of all activities of Rastafari.Travel. He directs and supervises all operations and gives training and coaching to the people involved.  

Email: joshua@rastafari.travel 

Tel NL: +31642274229 (WhatsApp) / Tel ET: +251944246536


Rastafari.travel works together with several local and international organizations who support our mission and objectives. Our partners are:

World Weavers

World Weavers is a spiritual travel company from Australia. They organize spiritual tours all over the world; tours to discover Buddhism in Asia, Sufism in Istanbul, and they are partner of Rastafari.travel to present Rastafari as a major international spiritual movement. World Weavers is the main initiator of the U-Day spiritual music festival that will be organized in Ethiopia in the first weekend of February 2018.



King Shiloh Soundsystem 

King Shiloh Sound system is one of the leading sound systems of Europe. With a full set of 16 scoops they host massive sessions all over Europe and beyond. The members of King Shiloh are 'livicated' Rastafarians whose mission is to spread the message of Jah Rastafari through music, and ultimately to come home to Ethiopia. In late 2017 they are coming to Ethiopia to build a brand new sound system, that will effectively function as an extension of the King Shiloh family into Ethiopia. The building will begin in October this year and will be finished in February 2018. On 10 and 11 February the new sound will be launched a the first sound system festival of Ethiopia. 


Villa Verde

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Reggae Geel

Reggae Geel is one of the leading Reggae Festivals in Europe. The festival is organized every year in August in the town of Geel in Belgium. In 2016 Reggae Geel has graciously supported Rastafari.travel with a financial donation, without which it would not have been possible to set up this platform.