Movement of Jah People


Next to organizing travel programs we support local development projects that contribute to the development of the local Rastafari community and wider society. Our support can exist in the form of financial strength, but also in terms of giving training and coaching, connecting networks, and consultancy.

Our projects are funded by the revenues of the Tour and Travel activities, and private funds of the participating partners. We are also trying to raise funds with charities, NGOs, and private businesses. 

Take a look at out the projects we have completed or we are working on at the moment. For more questions and inquiries about these activities please contact us! 

Current projects

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The Shashamane Allstars

An occasional music formation that combines the best musicians from Shashamane, Ethiopia. The aim of the project is to create opportunities for musicians from the Rastafari community in Ethiopia, and specifically shashamane, to perform abroad and spread their music internationally, and to present Shashamane and Ethiopia as a source of inspiration for everybody who loves Rastafari and Reggae music.   


King Shiloh Sound System

Together with King Shiloh Sound System from Amsterdam we set up a big project to establish a new Reggae Dub Sound System formation in Ethiopia. For this purpose, King Shiloh has shipped a part of their existing sound from Amsterdam to Ethiopia, and has constructed a new set of boxes. In February 2018 the first international Sound System event of Ethiopia was organized in Ethiopia, at the shores of lake Langano. Over the course of 2018 and 2019 several events with the sound system took place, mainly in Addis Ababa. In 2019 and beyond more events will take place. 

Past projects


Refurbishment Bob Marley Sign Shashamane

Those who enter Shashamane from the direction of Addis Ababa will pass a special sign that marks the beginning of His Majesty's land grand. From this point, 500 acred of private land of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I was donated to the international Rastafari community. It's an iconic sign that shows Bob Marley and symbolises the historical presence of the Rastafari community in Shashamane. The sign was worn down, and in 2016 it was refurbished by local Rastafarians. This was sponsored by Rastafari.travel. 

Sponsorship All African Rastafari Gathering 2017 and 2018

In 2017 the first edition of the All African Rastafari gathering took place in Shashamane. Rastafari.travel contributed to this event with a sponsorship of 20000 Ethiopian Birr (about US$ 750). The reasons why we decided to sponsor this event are :

- The aim of the conference it is in line with the mission or Rastafari.travel to promote Ethiopia and Shashamane as an inspirational travel destination. 

- The conference was focussed on business development. We believe that business offers the most sustainable model for economic and social development, as opposed to charity and government support

- The event was organised by the whole community which includes all Rastafari mansions. We support the unity in Shashamane. 

This donation was a substantial part of our entire profit of that year, and with this it was our intention to show that we are serious about giving back to the community and supporting meaningful programs and activities.

Training and coaching local Youth Shashamane

In the context of the All Rastafari gathering we initiated a training program for local youth in Shashamane. The aim was to help them develop skills and insights to become a professional tour guide, rather than a 'hustler'. On some separate occasions we traveled to Shashamane and gave the training to a group of about 12 local Shashamane youth. The training was given by Brother Joshua and Sister Ijahnja from the Nyabinghi Tabernacle. They are both experts in tour guiding and have the ambition to help the youth of Shashamane change their behaviour and create social and economic opportunities. The training was a success and follow up activities are being prepared at the moment.