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Joyfull greetings from Addis Ababa, the city of the Great King of Kings. I was asked to submit some words towards this platform and the first thing to come to I heavens was this poem. Written many years ago, it was recorded around 2015 by Dub Creator and occasionally played as an exclusive on the heavy-weight sound of the thunderable King Shiloh Sound System.


I Negus reign Ithiopia Far-I ancient kingman of old.

In his hola habitation, Jah solid foundation,

where he's seated on his throne of gold.

Around H.I.M. Cherubim and Seraphim gather

along with elders and Igels of blood and fiyah.

Chanting Ises Itinually

to Jah Almighty the Lifegiver.

I Negus reign Iniversally from sea to sea, from shore to shore.

King Rasta come to Istablish

his righteous reign forIvermore.

Love, purity and Ilahness

truths and rights to cover Iration.

No more to be remembered

dutty babylon and her fornication.

I Negus reign Iternally lightning and thunder in heavens Iclare.

King Alpha and Queen Omega

to I n I so real and dear.

All negative forces the Conquering Lion

will trample under feet of might.

Amageddion King RasTafarI control

and the earth by sovereign right.

Yes through the vehicle of roots reggae music, the message of the rastaman, the Iyahman, has traveled the four corners of this world. It has inspired and enlightened millions upon millions towards a more possitive and upfull livity. Peace, Love, Inity, Oneness, are not just rhyme-words, lyrics and slogans but powerfull mantras that can and has brought about transformations in the lives of countless individuals as well as to whole communities world-wide. Word-sound truly has powers!

And just like Emperor Haile Selassie 1st was the most travelled Statesman, so Bob Marley & The Wailers was the most travelling band at the time. And that connects with the name of this platform, rastafari.travel

In this now its fully possible, safe and feasible to travel to and around Ethiopia and InI from this platform (not flatform yet roundform more like Mama Earth) are seriously inviting all ones and ones to come fulltake of a Inique I-Experience in the Ras Tafari Heartland of Ethiopia during February 2018. Plan it in from now. The Uday and Unight live Reggae music programs, The Great Ethiopia Sound System Festival, Bob Marley birth day in Shashemane. And more... and more. . For further information on the tour, please link TEX and this site.

Love and Honour

Ras Ibi

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