Do good, do good: Meet Ras Ibi on Rototom!

Do good...

One two, one two, one two, do good, do good...

The hypnotic heartbeat of the Ancient Niyahbinghi transform itself

mystically into a vehicle.

A vehicle of unparallelled capacity and unfathomable self-generating powers.

This formidable vehicle came to be known as Roots Reggae Music

and has served as the transport of choice for the Rastafari Family world-wide to deliver I n I crucial message.

Love, Unity, Peace, Equality and Justice, Reparation and Repatriation, Righteousness, Good over evil... has been, and are still being declared,

through all nations on all continents and islands.

From sea to sea, from shore to shore...

This year I will be present at the House of RastafarI, at the 24th edition of the Rototom Reggae Sunsplash Festival in Benicassim, Spain.

It's the largest, and one of the longest running,

and ECO-friendly Reggae festivals in Europe.

This year, the theme is”Celebrating Afrika”

Therefore I heartically and joyfully invite everyone

visiting the Festival to come vibrate with I n I.

There are specific programs and reasonings scheduled,

apart from these set hours, I n I will be available for enquires

relating to the Travel packages and Festivals in ETHIOPIA February 2018

Until then

Love and Health

Ras Ibi

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