Universal Consciousness Podcast Published!

Greetings from Ethiopia!

We are proud to publish the first episode of our brand new Podcast series "Universal Consciousness - Rastafari Enlightenment from Ethiopia".

The first episode is hosted by Ras Kenny Rueben and features among others the legendary Teddy Dan! You can listen to it through our Soundcloud channel and it will be published on all major international Podcast channels soon. Give us feedback, let us know what you think: Podcast@rastafari.travel

Give thanks and praise to the most High Jah Rastafari!

We will produce six episodes of the Universal Consciousness Podcast in Shashamane with different hosts and guests. Depending on your feedback we will decide to continue or not. Do you like it? Should we continue? Do you have feedback for us that can bring us forward? Give us a shout at podcast@rastafari.travel

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