Reggae Geel tours Ethiopia

From 30 september - 22 October 2017 we hosted Johan Tackx and his queen Ine Hensen in Ethiopia. Johan is one of the directors of Reggae Geel festival and was on holiday in Ethiopia. As director of one of the largest and oldest Reggae festivals in Europe Johan has a profound connection with Reggae music and Rastafari. He and his wife were guided by Rastafari guides in Addis Ababa and Harar, and they visited Shashamane where they had meaningful encounters with local Rastafarians. They traveled to other highlights of the country like Lalibela, Axum, and the Danakil depression. Johan and Ine had a great time and Ethiopia has left a lasting impression on them. We give thanks for your visit and hope to see you again! Jah Rastafari!

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