November 2019 Tour Packages Available! ft. King Shiloh Sound System + MORE!

This November, InI Rastafari.Travel will be hosting the thundering King Shiloh Sound System in Ethiopia for an extra-special session in Ejarsa Goro, the birthplace of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I! Alongside this foundation soundsystem session in the ancient hills of Harar, we are holding tours of Shashamane, Arba Minch, Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa & #Awash... See the flyer for more details & packages!

All guests will be taken care of by our team of well respected Rastafari guides & elders from the community, and of course we'll be travelling part of the way with InI family, King Shiloh Sound System, straight out of Amsterdam! For the roots & dub lovers amongst InI, for those with an interest in the history and culture of the world's oldest civilisation and LandOfOrigins, and for those with an involvement/interest in Rastafari livity, be sure trod with Rastafari.Travel this November... see you there!

For full itineraries & more information, click HERE, or contact one of our team at!

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