Rastafari.travel operates under the legal responsibility of the Dutch Travel company Wesemann

Travel (mother company of The Ethiopia Experience), and responsive to Dutch law. On our tours

the general terms and conditions of the Dutch Tour Operators Association (ANVR) are applicable.

In this way you are protected by Dutch law and regulations on consumer rights. 

Our booking procedure works as follows:

- you fill in the booking form on our website or a separate document and send it to us by email.


- Our coordinator will get back to you to check all details and if everything is clear 


- You will receive an invoice from our backoffice department. For all tours we require a deposit

of 25% (+ possibly the costs of a plane ticket). The payments should be made in Dollars or

Euros on our Dutch bank account or our Paypal account (also creditcard payments). For

payments in other currencies please contact us. 


- After we have received your payment your tour is booked. You will receive a confirmation.


- A complete payment has to be made maximum six weeks before departure.