Movement of Jah People 

H.I.M. Coronation Day Tour  


This tour is designed to explore the historical and spiritual backgrounds of the Rastafari Movement in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is an important place for the Rastafari faith; it is the place where His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I was born and ruled over for decades. Until today Ethiopia carries His spiritual and cultural legacy.

The tour starts in Addis Ababa where we trod in the footsteps of His Majesty. With local Rastafari guides we explore sites of interest like the national museum, a former imperial palace, and several statues and landmarks. After two days we leave the city and drive south to Shashamane, the Rastafari ‘Heartland’ of Ethiopia. On the way we enjoy the African scenery, and in Shashamane we visit the community and engage with them in reasonings and meditations. We also explore the natural surroundings of Wondo Genet and Lake Hawassa. It is in Shashamane where we celebrate the 2nd of November, H.I.M.'s 89th Coronation Day. After Shashamane we continue the journey to the tropical city of Arba Minch and its surroundings in the south. You can end your trip in Addis Ababa and fly back home, or extend your stay in Ethiopia with a visit to one of its many beautiful and spectacular sites. 


Tour Leaders 


Ras Ibi

Ras Ibi is a founding member of Rastafari Travel and one of the Rastafari Elders of Ethiopia. He lives in Ethiopia for over 20 years and has a profound understanding of Rastafari faith and all the different fascinating aspects of the country Ethiopia. He will give guidance about Ethiopia and the Rastafari movement on this tour. 

Miriam Mama Africa

Miriam is our communication and she is also one of our tour leaders. As a child of a Jamaican father and an Ethiopian mother she represents the next generation of the Rastafari community in Ethiopia. She is fluent in English and Amharic, and will make sure the program will be carried out smoothly.  



6 days: € 315 per person*

12 days: € 1149 per person*

20 days: €1689 per person* (in combination with King Shiloh Tour Harar Edition)



* Based on two people sharing, with reservation of availability and price changes. For prices in other currencies please contact us.